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in-person and online
psychotherapy and 
counselling services 


Fraidie Burshtyn

Fraidie Burshtyn is an individual, couple and family clinical psychotherapist,

family mediator, custody and access assessor, and parenting coordinator.

For over 30 years, her practice has specialized in putting the needs of the family first and empowering individuals.

Respecting the uniqueness of each client, Fraidie provides a

non-discriminatory and individualized approach to help the transition

towards healthy and successful growth.


Fraidie is proud to provide safe online counselling sessions, and

post-pandemic in-person service to Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton and GTA residents.


My Promise To You




No one should suffer in silence.

It's difficult to ask,

or admit that you might need some help.


Please know that you are not alone in your battle

and that your well-being is most important.

The foundation of our relationship is your comfort and connection with me, and I am unwavering in my promise to empower you to heal from pain, release expectations and achieve growth.

Starting the conversation is brave.

Together, we can find your way.

You are loveable. You are worthy.

You can feel better than you might be feeling now.

I am here to provide insight, encouragement and confidence when things are difficult.

For over 30 years, my private practice mission has been to guide clients towards a healthy and successful path,

and most of all be a reliable pillar of support.


I pride myself in providing access to counselling 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and work for you by providing private online therapy sessions*, with no wait-list and flexible hours and fees.

Together, we can make things happen. 

*Please note that due to COVID-19, I am providing online or telephone therapy sessions only.

In-person sessions will resume, post pandemic.




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